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“AgroKhimProm” group of companies has been leading research activities for more than 15 years. The efficiency of the company’s chemicals has been confirmed by the conclusions of the leading Russian scientific research institutes.

Research team

The team of “AgroKhimProm” group of companies consists of highly skilled, experienced specialists with agricultural education, candidates of agricultural and biological sciences supervising the research activities and the subsequent specialized activities:

  • Experimenting with the new combinations of pesticides, organic and mineral fertilizers;
  • Development of the new plant protection programs and recommendations on the use of plant protection chemicals and fertilizers;
  • Research and practice conferences and seminars;
  • Publication of scientific articles in specialized editions.

To multiply without destroying

— is our company’s goal

Our researches

The specialists of our company run scientific and production experiments and conduct field crops protection researches, both in the regions of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries.

The organization of production experiments allows demonstrating in practice all the advantages of the offered plant protection and crops mineral nutrition correction programs.

The results of the experiments are shown in the same year on the traditionally held “Field days” where the agro-industrial complex and the agronomical services managers and specialists are invited.


Our company has long-term partnership and co-operation with numerous scientific research institutes:

In the Central Federal District:

  • “D.N.Pryanishnikov All-Russia Research and Development Institute, Moscow;
  • “All-Russian breeding and technology institute of horticulture and nursery”, Moscow;
  • “All-Russian research institute of potato growing”, Korenevo;
  • “Ryazan research institute of agriculture”, Ryazan;
  • “Voronezh research institute of agriculture”, Voronezh;
  • “All-Russian research institute of plant protection”, Ramon.

In the Northwestern Federal District:

  • “All-Russian research institute of plant protection”, St. Petersburg.

In the Siberian Federal District:

  • “Altai research institute of agriculture”, Barnaul;
  • “M.A. Lisavenko Siberian research institute of horticulture”, Barnaul;
  • “Irkutsk research institute of agriculture”, Irkutsk;
  • “Krasnoyarsk research institute of agriculture”, Krasnoyarsk;
  • “Siberian research institute of agriculture”, Omsk;
  • “Siberian research institute of plant protection”, Novosibirsk.

In the Ural Federal District:

  • “Kurgan research institute of agriculture”, Kurgan;
  • “Chelyabinsk research institute of agriculture”, Chelyabinsk;
  • “Ural research institute of agriculture”, Yekaterinburg.

In the Southern Federal District:

  • “All-Russian research institute of rice”, Krasnodar.

In the Far Eastern Federal District:

  • “Far eastern research institute of plant protection”, Kamen-Rybolov;
  • “Primorsky research institute of agriculture”, Timiryazevsky.

In the CIS countries:

  • LLP “A.I. Barayev research and development center of grain production”, the Republic of Kazakhstan.