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The company’s logistics infrastructure is represented by the specialized logistics centers and a developed network of regional warehouses.

An own vehicle fleet and well-tested logistics schemes allow us promptly delivering our products anywhere within the territory of the Russian Federation with the lowest costs and in accordance with all the storage conditions.

The company’s network of regional warehouses covers

Altai Krai, Amur Oblast, Belgorod Oblast, Krasnodar Krai, Kurgan Oblast, Omsk Oblast, Orenburg Oblast (461, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Stavropol Krai, Penza Oblast, Primorsky Krai, Republic of Tatarstan, Ryazan Oblast, Samara Oblast, Stavropol Krai, Tyumen Oblast

Addresses and phone numbers:

Region AdressPhone number
Altai Krai
659070, Russia, Altai Krai, village of Topchikha, Severnaia str., b.28

+ 7 38552 224–28

Orenburg Oblast
461200, Russia, Orenburg Oblast, urban-type settlement of Novosergievka, Michurina str., b. 16

+7 35339 2-38-50, +7 35339 2-39-10

Belgorod Oblast
Russia, Belgorod Oblast, Belgorod, Mikhailovskoe shosse str., b. 23 (office 220)

+7 4722 21-70-89, +7 903-887-14-18 (Alyona)

Krasnodar Krai
353211, Krasnodar Krai, Dinskoi district, st. Novotitarovskaia, Krayniaya str., 16B

+7 86162 48-8-17

Penza Oblast
442330 Penza Oblast, Penza, st. Ardym, Gagarina str. 2.

+7 8412 68-52-63, +7 8412 68-08-80

Ryazan Oblast
390011, Ryazan, Khambushevo, Yuzhnyi promuzel district, b.29

+7 4912 24-34-80, +7 4912 30-19-85

Stavropol Krai
356410, Stavropol Krai, Blagodarnenskiy district, Mokraia Buyvola, plant protection chemicals warehouse

+7 86549 5-17-79

Kurgan Oblast
640002, Kurgan, Omskaia str., 179, “Lestoprom” warehouse

+7 3522 46-42-09

Chuvash Republic
Chuvash republic, Cheboksary, Kremenskogo str., b. 36

+7 8352 51-44-12, +7 8352 51-88-13

“AgroKhimProm” group of companies leases warehouse spaces for the storage of plant protection chemicals, mineral fertilizers and farm machinery on the territory of specialized centers.

The co-operation with “AgroKhimProm” GC guarantees you a perfect result, since professionalism and individual approach to each client have always been the basic principles of our company’s activities!

Logistics centers

 “Topchikha-Agrokhimiya”, LLC 

659070, Russia, Altai Krai,
village of Topchikha, Severnaia str., b. 28
Phone: (38552) 2-24-28

The centralized specialized depot for the storage and transshipment of the plant protection chemicals and mineral fertilizers. Since 1985, the enterprise has been the largest specialized agrochemical depot of Altai Krai.

Geographically, the enterprise is located in the center of Altai Krai, in the village of Topchikha, 100 km away from Barnaul which makes the depot logistically convenient for agricultural producers.

The area under security surveillance is 8 hectares Warehouse spaces, 6000 m2

— the depot territory
— the warehouses ar

The territory of the specialized depot includes 8-hectare area under security surveillance, 6000 m2 of covered warehouse spaces, warehouses are heated in winter, outdoor storage facilities, an operating railroad, an own vehicle fleet, a park of treatment and spraying equipment, repair base and an independent heat and water supply system.

“Agrokhimiya-Novosergievka”, LTD

461200, Russia, Orenburg Oblast,
urban-type settlement of Novosergievka,
Michurina str., b. 16
Phone: (35339) 2-38-50, 2-39-10

 “Agrokhimiya-Novosergievka”, LTD is a specialized enterprise that provides services for the storage, acception, shipping of the plant protection chemicals, mineral fertilizers and raw materials for the chemical industry. It is situated 120 km away from the city of Orenburg, along the Orenburg-Samara highway, in the urban-type settlement of Novosergievka.

The area under security supervision is 2,5 hectares
Warehouse spaces, 3500 m2

— the depot territory

— the warehouses area

At the present time, the depot has all the necessary equipment to provide the clients with full range of services. The depot has three warehouses, two heated garages, an administrative building, fuel and lubricants warehouse, railroad sidetracks, as well as a developed transport infrastructure and efficient location geographics which optimizes the logistic flows.

Understanding the seasonality of the agricultural production and the intense schedule, during the period of use of agrochemical products, the enterprise is working in the operating mode ensuring an uninterrupted supply of the products stored in the depot to agricultural producers and all the clients.